Monday, March 23, 2009

Some Substitutes are mean!

My worst nightmare is a substitute teacher. My teacher has been out of school for like 10 days but it totally seems like 4 weeks!!!! The substitute that we have had is really mean. She has a really, really, really scary face. She wears too much make-up and she has devil horns! She yells at us and makes us do everything! That's pretty much it.
Now I have two words for you....
Good Bye!


  1. I think you should give your substitute from Hell a break. It's not easy trying to replace someone that everybody is already used to. If you think having a substitute teacher is hard, you should try being a Grandmother who is crazy about her 7 year old grandson who hasn't seen him in a long time! NOW THAT'S HARD!

  2. You will survive this. It is just to make you so happy when your teacher gets back.


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